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keynote speakerDelivered with good humour, relevant examples and backed by a wealth of experience, speaking engagements with Leonie will insipre, uplift, motivate and leave your brain buzzing!

An experienced keynote speaker and presenter, Leonie delivers bright and engaging talks and workshops on a variety of topics:


•  Marketing & Branding

•  Brand Building for business and communities

•  Work / Life Balance

•  Business Values & Culture Building

•  Passion for Small Business - Leonie's Story


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A note from Leonie

I prepared and delivered my first presentation as a way of grabbing attention for an internal position I was applying for. Working for WordPerfect Pacific (Microsofts only competitor in the office products arena at the time) I had tried a couple of times to move across from sales into the marketing department. This final time I was determined to make my mark and take that Product Manager's role. Instead of the usual one-on-one interviews, management wanted a full product presentation - which they filmed! I only had a short time to learn about the product - a word processing application for a brand new platform called Windows! I put everything I had into the presentation and then...the wait. I remember the wait being more nerve racking than the actual presentation. You can only imagine my delight to receive a note telling me I had finally succeeded and landed the job!

But the story doesn't end there!

My very first job in the role was the official press launch of the new product. Back then these were serious events! It was a full-on media event being held at Randwick Racecourse in Sydney. The company flew the press across in helicopters. There were cocktails and canapes, suits and ties, music and photographs. And there was me, fresh off the back of my job application facing a full contingent of hi-tech press reporters. I still remember what I was wearing on the day. After that, my presentation skills were tested and developed even further as we took the launch on tour from Sydney to Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and finally to Perth. 

The product was still in beta testing and had some slightly dodgy areas we had to avoid. I spent my time on each flight learning more about the product and updating our presentation as we went. It was a challenging yet exciting time. My very first presentation to secure this job, was to be the first of many presentations, workshops and talks I would give in the years to come.


Today speaking and working with people and groups live is still one of my favourite activities.  And I owe it all to a moment of bravado, sheer determination and a job application.


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